Saturday, August 13, 2005

no running for two days...ugh

Donna's been out of town since Thursday and I haven't ran in two days. My last year was a 6-miler Thursday morning.
I need to go running. I'm getting cranky.
It's hard to go a couple days without it. You get to where you depend on that feeling that you've accomplished something worthwhile for yourself.
I miss feeling like I've "sweated out some impurities." If that makes sense.
I want to run when she gets home this evening, but I also know I need to put in a two-hour run Sunday morning. At least two hours, maybe 2:15 or so.
Maybe it's good that I'm taking a couple days break. It may help.
I'm on a pretty good pace for mileage this month. Probably gonna break 150 without much problem. Well, not by a lot, but should get around 160-165 or so.
I think I'm gonna try the Run the Woodlands 5K on Aug. 27 when some fellow running bloggers are gonna be there.
After that I'll problaby do the Space City 10-miler and the Huntsville Half Marathon before I take on the SA Marathon in November.
There's a couple local 5Ks in October, but I'm not sure if I'll do both or not.
I don't need to run the short races, I need to put in the distance.
Some goals are:
RTW 5K - under 21:00. Would like to get under 20:00, but don't know if that's realistic when it's so hot and humid.
Space City 10-Miler - 1:15:00 or as close to that as possible. That would be a 7:30 per mile pace, which I think I can do.
I've ran the race twice.
In 2003 the stats were: Place - 110, time - 1:24:46, pace - 8:29.
In 2004 the stats were: Place - 102, time - 1:20:40, pace - 8:04.
I want the pace under 8 minutes for sure.
My friend Jennifer has run a couple 10-milers. One in 1:21:23 (8:08 pace) and the other in 1:17:54 (7:45 pace). I can't have her beating me, even though we didn't run the same race. I definitely want to beat the 1:17:54, but I'd like to get close to 1:15 which would get me around the top 70 or so in the race.
Huntsville Half Marathon - Under 1:40:00. That would be a 7:38 per mile pace, which will be tough to do. Last year, on the hilly course, I ran 1:46:15, which put me fourth in my age group. If I can get under 1:40:00 I may place in the top three in my age group. Maybe. My other two half marathon times, both in Houston, are 1:47:04 (8:10 pace) in 2003 and 1:42:11 (7:47 pace) in 2004.

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