Wednesday, August 03, 2005

speedwork is not my friend

I did some speedwork this morning for the first time in nearly a month. I really have to keep it consistent.
I met up with a friend this morning and we ran to the other side of town to the ECC track. Neither of us had a plan for speedwork. Well, at least not for today. I kind of like to run a couple of 800s to start with and work my way down to 400s and 200s. When I was more consistent, my speed workouts were a little more organized. Sort of.
We got in a couple of 800s in just over 3 minutes. A little slow for what I wanted, probably a little faster than what she wanted. But that's okay. At least someone was pushing me. That's a good thing.
We ran a 400. I clocked in 1:29 and she was right behind. I had to push myself to get to the line first.
We only ran one 200. Before we ran it I told her that anything under 45 seconds is less than a 6 minute mile pace. I told her that she could make that. I ran a fairly slow 38 seconds (I usually run 35 or less). I was off a little because I didn't take the inside lane. She finished in 41. Pretty good.
That was nearly a mile and a half of speedwork. I'd like to get in at least 2 miles and then run another timed mile on the track, but that's okay. It helps to have someone pushing you. Makes a huge difference. I wish I could make it a habit of running with someone, well, at least for the speedwork. That's the area I need to be pushed.
So she asks if there's any water around there. Hah. Public water in Angleton worth drinking? Not a chance. I tell her there's a faucet behind the stands. She thinks I mean there's at least a water hose. Hah. Nope. Just a faucet. Underneath where the water comes out is a big stain on the concrete that looks like rust.
She's like, "You can drink that if you won't, but I'll wait."
I splash my face with some water and then put some in my mouth. It's way too nasty to swallow so I spit it out. At least my mouth doesn't feel so dry any more.
She asks, "When's the last time you had a tetanus shot?"
Funny. I think.
Anyway...we finish and head back the two miles or so back home. I can't keep pace. I'm sucking air. She's talking to me. I can't answer. And when I can, it's not loud enough for her to hear since she's 10 yards in front of me. Geez. I'm such a Nancy.
We turned into my neighborhood, a little less than half a mile from home. She said, "I'm gonna walk now."
I was like, "Thank God."
She laughed.
Not funny.
She was killing me with that pace on the way back. Again, that's good for me.

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