Thursday, March 30, 2006

6 slllllooooooowwwwwww miles

I ran 6 miles this morning. Yes, this morning. Before work. Been a long time since I ran before school, but I did today.
Wanted to see if I could loosen up a little bit after Wednesday's crappy run. It helped a little bit.
I didn't run for speed today. Just a recovery-type run though I didn't have much running yesterday to recover from.
Oh well, it felt good to know I had my miles in before work.
If I was a real go-getter, like Barbara, I would have come home and blogged about it before work. But not me.
Still haven't figured out what I'm gonna be doing Saturday morning. I'd like to do Sarah's race, but we'll see.
Someone asked me about the Bellaire Trolley 5K on Apr. 8. Nope. I'm running the Gator Gallop at Brazosport College in Lake Jackson. I'm doing the 1 mile race at 7:30 and then the 5K at 8:30.
Gonna try and run the mile in under 6 minutes and we'll see on the 5K. Less than 20, I hope.

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Barbara said...

Ya just gotta know....when you said you ran in the morning, the first thing I did was to check the time of your post. I was sure you had run Friday morning! Nope - it was Thursday.

You can come run 15 miles with me in the morning. Oughta be great - temps in the 70's, high humidity...what more could you ask for?