Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gator Gallop - kids runs, my 1 mile and 5K

Kids' runs

Both my girls participated in the kids' runs today.
Jenna ran in the under-6 race and did well. She was proud of her medal she got for finishing.
She wanted to run because her sissy was gonna do the run.
I encouraged Ashton to do the kids' run by buying her some running clothes earlier this week and also signing her up for the race when I mailed in my entry.
Have to backtrack a little here.
On Wednesday Ashton and I went out for a run. We ran did 5 reps of 1 minute runs with 30 second rests in between.
She did well. Told me a couple times that her stomach hurt, but ran the whole time she was supposed to. I didn't care how well she did, it was the fact that she wanted to try and that she wanted to run with me that mattered. Cool.
This goes back to the day she went with me to Luke's to pick up my packet for the Rodeo Run and we tried on shoes. She has a pair of Asics. I told her then that if she got them she had to go running with me and that she should do a race.
Ashton's run (for ages 6 and older) was probably about 500 meters (???). I didn't know if she could make it the whole way. She started with a friend and I told her that I'd meet her where they turned around to go back. It was an out-and-back run. I met her and gave her some encouragement.
On the way back she slowed a little and I told her some little kids were gaining on her. She kept going. I was impressed.
About 20 meters or so from the finish she said really loud, "I don't like races."
People laughed. So did I.
I know how she felt. We all do, I'm sure.
She finished strong and I'm proud.
My races

So what if I ran my second fastest 5K out of 23 I've done in my competitive running career? I'm not happy with it.
I finished in 20:07 at the Gator Gallop today at Brazosport College in Lake Jackson, which was fast enough to get me a third place trophy in the Master's category - my first in that division.
But, I wanted to break 20 minutes and I wasn't happy that I didn't.
Also I ran the 1 mile race that was held before the 5K. My goal there was under 6 minutes and I ran 6:06 or 6:07. UGH!!!
Got to the race early and saw the usual group of fast runners - Carlo Deason, Grant Parker and David Alvarado - plus other familiar faces.
I signed up to run the mile and 5K. I've done both the last two years and I was looking forward to doing them both again.
The mile was supposed to start at 7:30, with a kids' run at 8 and the 5K at 8:30. Well, the mile didn't get started until about 7:50, which was not good for recovering for the 5K. Oh well.
Got off to a good start and by the time things cleared out, there were only three runners ahead of me. Grant took the lead and David A. was in second. A kid I didn't know was ahead of me.
I moved into third about 1/3 mile into the race and had no problem holding that spot.
I was a few seconds behind David A. and thought that would be a good spot to lead me too a sub-6 finish. I should've ran faster.
I was nearing the finish the first time I looked at my watch and it read 5:18. I need I had to push it to get under 6. I did. But I didn't make it.
I crossed the finish line and I heard someone say, "6:06, 6:07."
"Crap," I yelled. Really loud.
I heard someone make some kind of noise because of what I said.
I was a little embarrassed that I let people know I was mad at myself. But dang it, I was mad at myself. Really wanted to break 6. Dang it, now I'm mad again.
I've put in the work at the track to do it, but it didn't pan out today.
Goals for the 5K were, in order:
1. Break 20 minutes
2. Beat David Henry
3. Beat Jason Culverhouse
Well, I got 1 out of 3.
I was happy to finish ahead of Jason, as he is a 3:09 Boston Qualifier. That's quality runnin'.
I ran the first mile right ahead of David H., who was about 15-20 meters behind David A.
I figured they'd carry me to a sub-20 time and if I beat David H. then all the better.
(If you don't know, David H. is a senior in my newspaper class and we've had an ongoing rivalry for about 3 years. He repeatedly beats me in 5Ks, and I beat him in 10Ks, you know...cause I'm stronger.)
The first mile I ran right in front of David. H. he used me to block the wind I guess. I tried to shake him a few times, but he held with me.
He passed me at the one mile mark, but I held my spot about 5 strides behind at the most.
It was windy and some said the winds from the north were about 20mph. That first turn north was pretty tough.
The second mile seemed long and my time at the mile 2 marker was 13:15. I felt like I held my pace better than that so I was surprised that I ran almost a 7-minute mile 2.
I continued to hang right behind David H. and had thoughts of passing him before we got off the running trail and back onto to the campus at BC.
But I figured that since my legs were feeling...well, not too good...that if I went too soon that he'd smoke me pretty easily.
I heard Jason behind me yelling, "Go get him," a few times. I picked up the pace, but so did David. Ugh!
I doubted I could catch him. I got close, but he had more left than I did.
I told him on the last straightaway "If you've got anything left, you got me."
He got me. By one stinkin' second. One stinkin' second. Dang it, dang it, dang it.
Oh, I forgot - twice on the course we got yelled at. Once by David's dad, who told him, "Don't let that old man beat you." The other by Heather Dodge, who yelled at me, "Don't let that kid beat you," or something like that. Geez....
I was less than 20 seconds behind David A., who was second in the Master's in 19:49. Local runner Phil Athey was first in 19:44.
A special thanks goes out to A.C. Moldenhauer, Mick Bayer, Bob Bowden and Kevin Regis each of whom didn't run today at the Gator Gallop and are all in the Master's division. Regis ran 19:18 at the Bellaire Trolley 5K today. If they'd been there today, I wouldn't have taken third in the Master's.
Congrats to Jason, who won first in the 30-39 age group in 20:27.
Gator Gallop history:
2003 - 21:10 3rd place, 30-39
2004 - 21:21 1st place, 30-39
2005 - 20:39 3rd open
2006 - 20:07 3rd Master's

1 mile
2004 - 5:52 (course was short, or so people said)
2005 - 6:00 3rd overall
2006 - 6:07 3rd overall
After today's race some runners were saying the course was closer to 3.2 miles than 3.1. I don't know about that. Don't really care. Still wanted to break 20. Next time.
I was a little moody today. Not happy with my times and I was a little rude or standoffish or something like that a couple times.
Especially not real chatty between races.
Really wanted to talk to Tommy, but didn't say much. Sorry bout that.
There's still work to be done. Thinking about the race now, I guess I should be happy that times I'm not satisfied with are in the low 20s instead of in the 21s like last year. The speedwork must be paying off.


JoeC said...

That is some fine racing and doubling up on the podium to boot. Seven seconds from your goal may seem like an eternity today, but it is there to be had tomorrow!

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

Edwin...just like i said on the phone, i agree with you about speedwork. just think...i was going to be happy to break sub-25 this year with my 5k, and now i want to break sub-24 before summer! haha, it's funny how we have such high standards. but, it pushes us to be better runners, right?!

david said...

Mood be damned - you got yourself some hardware!


elf said...
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elf said...

Reposting because I can't type...

Hey, I know it's frustrating to miss a goal sometimes, but you claimed hardware in two races AND got two kids off and running. Sounds like a great day! Your speedwork looks to be going great--that sub-20 is going to come very soon...

David said...

You beating me in the 10Ks doesn't mean you're stronger than me because I beat you in every half marathon we've ran together and every marathon we've ran together. 10K's are the only race you've ever been able to beat me in. I am undefeated against you in 5Ks, half marathons and marathons.
In everything but 10Ks, I own you like every pitcher in the national league owns Jason Lane.

Anonymous said...

You're Welcome!

I was hiding in the big crowd at Bellaire.

Are the Freeport and West Columbia runs really on the same weekend?

Are you going to run both?

Kevin Regis