Monday, May 08, 2006

speed + humdiity + heat = yuck

I got a chance to get in a run right after school today. I left at 4, which was about the worst time to go. It was very warm and very humid.
I was okay through a couple miles, but then it was tough. I ran across town toward the track so I decided to do a fast mile at the track. What a great idea.
I ran two laps but had to stop for a few seconds. I ran the 1/2 mile in 3:10. I ran another lap, but stopped for about 10-15 seconds cause I thought I was gonna puke. I finished off the second1/2 mile in 3:04.
I then ran 2 miles back home. Well, mostly ran. It was brutal out today.
Pedro says:
mile 1 - 6:58
mile 2 - 7:18
.28 - 2:28

1 mile at track - 6:14

2 miles back home - very, very slow.

totals - 5.28 miles, 595 calories

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david said...

Pedro says you be blazin'!