Thursday, March 20, 2008

90 minutes + 3 more later

Hmmm, I'm a slacker now?
Unlike at TIR, I finished my run today. Didn't call it quits after a mile. How's that?
Got in 90 minutes this morning, enjoying the cool air and the scenery on the golf course. No Joe, not women golfers, but just how green the course is getting and what good shape it's in. Geez...I sound gay.
Anyhoo, run felt great. Gonna go to the health club tonight and run on the treadmill and watch games.
Peace out.
PS Karen - I'm joking. Glad the moon cycle or something lame like that didn't get me.
Ran 3 more this evening while Ashton was practicing soccer. It took me a while cause I kept stopping to watch her practice. treadmill. Went to watch part of a high school track meet and one of our customers came in 3rd in the 800 meters and fourth in the mile. Dang The Woodlands kids and that other fast dude in the mile.
Chillin' out on the couch watching hoops now. Drinkin' beer and scratchin'. Joking....geez


Katy said...

I was thinking gay, but you redeemed yourself with the game watching... said...

What kind of inbound pass was that that Belmont fired up?

It was about as bad as Vince Gill's first marriage.

equarles said...

i just saw that. Who was Vince Gill's first wife?

K said...

I must have been really bad yesterday because I got two phone calls checking on my state today! LOL

I was quite squirrely. Not being able to put in a good run probably didn't help much.

Crosstrain said...

The contours around the greens, the finely cut grass, the well tended sand traps, yes Edwin I am sure they all make your heart a flutter. We will not give you the Terry Hershey Park leg next year for fear you will be distracted by the flora and the fauna. Happy Easter