Tuesday, April 15, 2008

heck to the yeah, i'm still runnin'

Ran twice Monday. Got some interval work on the treadmills at the local club. Finally some treadmills made recently. Nice being able to set up intervals on them. Sweeeet. Did three there and then got beat at a couple games of racquetball.
Monday night I took my running gear to Ashton's soccer practice and ran around the fields, school and stadium and got in 6 more.
Legs were a little sore this morning, but got in a little over 6 before working.
If my calculations are correct that gives me 417 miles for the month. How's that Adrienne?
Oh yeah, my playlist for paying bills tonight:
Prince- I wanna be your lover
Fall out boy - Beat it
Rod Stewart- If you think i'm sexy
Madonna/JT - 4 minutes
Pat Green - Everclear
Rihanna-Please don't stop the music
Taylor Swift - Our song
soggy bottom boys - man of constant sorrow
plus more, but that's embarrassing enough....


Katy said...

rotflmas...rod stewart? and, since when do you have running 'gear'?

congrats on the 417 miles though. you're sure to beat adrienne..

equarles said...

uh...i meant, shoes, shorts, socks, shirt....hmmmm....the 4 S's

Holden said...

I'm also particular to Prince, Rod Stewart and Rhihana.

Adrienne said...

Wow...I don't know if I can top that...or the playlist for that matter! I got intervals on tap tonight...planning on 5 or 6 miles :)

Holden said...

Over 400 miles in 2 weeks? Holy Toledo Batman!

Holden said...

Wait, that's like 27 miles a day. Are you pulling a Dean Karnazes and running a marathon a day or something?


Adrienne said...

LOL...I thought that # looked a little aberrant! That's like a year's worth or 'ritas!