Sunday, June 01, 2008

20 mile bike ride, 3 mile run

My running and working out in general suffered last month. I was sick for more than a week and just couldn't breathe right when running. My nose would run and I'd break out in a sweat, which I knew I needed, but it didn't feel right.
I barely got more than 100 miles of running in May. Must do better this month.
Today I got up and rode my bike. Didn't really have a plan for number of miles but after a few I figured I could go 20. So I did. Went through three different neighborhoods in town, not including my own. Got back close to home and was right at 17 miles so I went to the far end of our street which is 1.5 miles away. There and back put me at 20.
Didn't feel too bad.
Didn't run this morning after the ride. Today is my 12th anniversary with my first wife so we went out to eat. We planned on driving to Tyler to eat at a very good Mexican food place. Those plans fell through when Ashton said she had a birthday party to go to. Geez....
So...Plan B apparently was Olive Garden. Nothing says 12 glorious years together like a good meal with your kids at Olive Garden.
We got there at 11, not dressed like we'd been to church. The waiter asked where we were from. What the heck? I guess when you live in the Bible Belt and you show up at a restaurant at 11 with shorts on....well, you must be just driving through. Then Donna topped it off with a margarita. At 11 a.m. On Sunday....geez... We're going to hell. Well maybe not me. I only had tea.
We spent the afternoon at the pool and this evening I went out for a quick 3 miles. Planned on more, but I guess I had too much sun and I didn't feel right a couple times. Felt a little woozy.
Anyhoo....that's it from here. May be some stuff happening for me in the next couple days that I guess I should share. We'll see.
Update: Donna says it was more pomegranate than margarita. Whatever.


Adrienne said...

Happy Anniversary! Margaritas @ 11? Sounds like something Katy would do! J/K!!

Katy said...

hey! there's nothing wrong with a marg at 11! my philosophy is...if you've already fit your run in, margs are fair game! Time doesn't matter!

first wife? how many do you have? are you secret Eldorado resident?

:) congrats! said...

I saw that too, but obviously Katy is the bolder one to be able to ask such a question and put her name to it.

Oh my, the word verification is "ylzpbm" ... that's too close for comfort with "YFZR".